Saturday, January 19, 2008

A finish!

I do have a better picture of this on my camera, but this with my phone camera works for now. ;o)

This is LHN's "Brave Hearts" and I knew the moment I saw it, I had to make it for T. He is truly my hero and he has given so much of himself to serve our country ... I'm taking a biscournu class at CMH today, so I'll leave this for Kathy to frame.

You may notice - if you have this chart - that mine is a bit different. After I'd stitched the house and most of the words and started on the flag, I realized something was a bit off ... yep, I forgot to stitch one whole row of windows on the house! T & I agreed it looked fine as it was, so ... now we know it's mine! *lol*

To all who've shared words about my job & new job search - Thank You! The 2 positions I was researching this past week or so didn't pan out ... Even though employers apparently want my experience & knowledge, they want me to start at step 1 as an employee ... ain't happenin'. I realize there are things you earn by working at a place for a length of time, but if you want "me" you have to give to get. I still think the implosion here is going to happen soon ... the 31st is approaching ... Since Jan 31 is my big deadline (W-2's & 1099's for my clients), for the next week or so, I've got to concentrate more on this job, then I can concentrate on the next one. And, T leaves Wed for 3 weeks, so I'll feel I can spend more time on the computer at home, searching & filling out apps & such.

To all of you who read my blabberings ... thank you! I appreciate your comments!

Well, it is Saturday in January and I am at the office, so I guess I better actually work. Go, Pats!! Stone Dallas, CBJ!!


jsteinbarger said...

Your "Brave Hearts" is beautiful Nancy! Can't wait to see it all framed up!

Sorry things haven't worked out yet on the job front, but I know something perfect will come along soon!!



Pumpkin said...

As always, you did a lovely job Nancy! If you didn't tell me about the windows, I wouldn't have even noticed :o) What a thoughtful gift.

If you need to vent about work, you know where I am ;o)

Sally said...

Lovely finish Nancy. I would never have noticed the windows. At least you have personalised it:)

Hopefully something will come along on teh job front soon.

Sandy said...

I love Brave Hearts, so pretty. I wish you luck in the job search and some sanity at the one you have to stay at right now. :D Take care.

Renee said...

I can't wait to see Brave Hearts in person! It looks awesome!!!