Monday, January 14, 2008

it's already january 14???

ah, life ... boy, can it suck sometimes. i know i need to find a different job ... why can't one just fall out of the sky, into my lap? *lol* i'm tired of knowing how one particular boss talks about me ... i so want to confront him, but i can't for many reasons. our firm is full of tension & nastiness because adult men can't work things out. it's so stupid and so wrong and so draining. i do my job & i do it well ... why does one person feel the need to berate me to others? why does he do the same with another in our office? neither of us have done a damn thing to him & i'm fairly certain the other owners take his diatribes with whole shakers of salt ... but it's still wrong, immature, stupid. and now he's making a lot of noise about hiring 30 year olds because we're all going to want to retire at the same time & then what? good heavens ... talk about open discrimination! others are able to let it all just slide away, as slime does, but i take it more personally, i guess ... oh, blather! it's irritating, destructive, demoralizing ... and i need to get past it & just get my butt outta there!


Pumpkin said...

((((HUGS)))) I've come to the conclusion that a workplace is just a replacement for High School :o( I hope you find something you like better soon!

Singular Stitches said...

That does really suck! I keep hoping to someday be independently wealthy, but have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be hoping for a good long while! ;o)

I found your blog thru Meari's blog. Lovely scrapping and very nice stitching! It's a good find! :o)


TeresaB said...

Ahh, the fun of office politics, ain't life grand? Maybe you should wish for the offending person to leave? That might make things better. Hope it does get that way soon!

Sandy said...

So sorry you're having job issues, that's awful to have to go through. I hope you find something soon that will be better for you. {{BIG HUGS}} to you. :D