Monday, February 25, 2008

Animal tracks

See the indentations in the snow? Those are deer tracks ... across our backyard!
Tom has said for awhile now (since we moved in 4 years ago, actually *lol*) that there are deer that come through our yard (have I said how much I love unfenced yards?), and come to think of it, we did find deer poop last year in the grass (have I ever shared the story of the "raisinettes" Tom handed me once?) ... Anyway ... we've now been able to see where they walk through our backyard, between our house & one next door. We think they head over to the wholesale nursery near us, to eat their castoffs. This family of deer are frequently seen in a field across from the entrance to our development .. I'm so grateful they survive despite all of us humans! The miracle is, they leave our garden alone every year. When I lived in my other house - about 1 mile from this one - they did nest in our garden one year, but they never ate what we grew.

We've also had other visitors ... bunnies apparently love our yard (how cute their little prints were on top of the crusty snow we had at the end of last week!). And either a fox or a skunk decided they couldn't wait to pee elsewhere the other day ... nice yellow spot we've got in our snow! *lol*

I am very thankful that though our area has developed from the rural farms it used to be to the slightly urban area it is now, the first residents here continue to thrive.

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Pumpkin said...

There have been so many deer this year and I love it! They are so pretty to see :o) We don't usually have a lot of wildlife come through our place but last year was the exception. LOL!