Monday, February 11, 2008

Brave Hearts

It's home, framed ... yea! I don't know if they show, but there are a few 'bubbles' in the piece. *sigh* This framer always does a nice job but this is the 2nd piece that my stitching has not laid flat. Guess I'll go back to trying to do my own again. Or, better yet, make a road trip to Cincinnati! :o)

Our weekend in NH was WONDERFUL! Ok ... most of it was. ;o) We spent 3 hours at Lafayette Campground's parking lot, stuck in the snow. Could have been worse ... but "seeing snow" as in seeing the same snow in the same spot for 3 hours doesn't quite count. *lol* When we arrived Friday night at C's house, the sky was pretty clear & there were more stars visible than I've seen in a long time. Incredible! We had breakfast Sat at the Notch View - our fav place - caught up with the waitress - then started sightseeing. I got some good pictures but they're on the camera, which is still at C's so T may take pictures this week. Sat evening the snow began again - we had about 3" snowfall overnight. Sunday, the snow picked up as did the winds, but we made it safely to T's brother's house in MA and spent the afternoon visiting with family - especially the new baby. She's SO cute! I was concerned our plane wouldn't be able to take off with the weather was it was, but ... darn it all, it did. Kel & I both said after we were back in Ohio "I want to go back!".

It's truly a magical place for me. It's one of the few places I really sit back & watch the day go by. We watched snow clouds move across the tops of the mountains, come down the notch ... Saw skiers come down Cannon Mtn (oh, how I wanted to try!) ... Sat evening, the house down the river, at the bend, had one amber light glowing ... a Thomas Kincaid-ish picture, for sure. I hope T's picture turns out ...

I've known for awhile Ohio's not where I'm to "be" ... I think I've found where I am to be. Now, to make it happen!

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Pumpkin said...

Okay, what are you talking about girl???? Bubbles? Where? It looks fantastic :o)

That's wonderful that you had a great time in NH. It's a very pretty state in the summer so I can only imagine how it looks in the winter :o)