Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hump day

Am I ever thankful it's Wednesday! No real reason, I guess, except it means we're that much closer to Friday & flying to NH. Yeah, that's enough to make me very thankful! ;o)

After the high stress of January - W2's & 1099's & all that happy rot - it's sometimes hard to maintain a focus in the office. I've got mega responsibilities yet ... regular payrolls, wrapping up errant 1099's, filing Ohio CAT returns for clients ... but I want to go home & sleep. I want my jammies on, a cup of coffee, a book ... but, I must be good & crunch numbers instead. While eating my lunch today, I stumbled upon the most wonderful site: I could easily spend all day reading, looking at her pictures ... and you have to check out the link to her cooking! How many people do you know have almost 300 comments on their post/site before noon??? Yeah, Ree's my hero .... ;o)

I've been stitching on BBD's Quaker House ... maybe I'll remember a progress photo tonight. I had digressed to stitch something for an exchange (will show after it's opened) ... have spent much time the last few days roping my daughter back into reality ... and hopefully, tonight, I'll do the finish of Piper's announcement so I may take it to NH this weekend.

Had some great news this morning! I'd wanted to sign up for a monthly class at but I waited too late. Well, guess what? Adding my name to the waiting list worked - I'm now in the class! YEA!!! Tomorrow night's my first class .. can't wait! As much as I love my stitching, it's just not all I can do ... I have to have other things going to give me variety, I guess. As I've said often ... there will never be enough time in this life to do everything I'd like to do!

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Pumpkin said...

You have a WONDERFUL time away Nancy because you definitely need AND deserve it!

That's awesome that you got into the class you wanted! I can't wait to see future creations ;o)