Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In progress

I so love the colors of this ... Blackbird Design's Quaker House. It's stitching a bit slower than I'd like because of color changes, but ... it'll get done. ;o)

Have been watching a show on the Food Network that's all about chocolate. My favorite subject! So, I'm munching dark chocolate M&M's ... what a wonderful creation! ;o) Oh, wait ... I have some Anthony-Thomas dark chocolate here ... yyuuummmm!!! What's your favorite chocolate?


~Kim~ said...

Oh I love your Quaker house! Your enabling me to stitch it! Love the QH btw! Anxious to see the progress grow!


Sally said...

I love Quaker House Nancy! I really want to stitch this myself one day.

Pumpkin said...

Oh lovely! It's nice to see you stitching again :o)

Lindt...dark...extra dark :o)

TeresaB said...

Nancy your Quaker House is wonderful!

Dark chocolate of almost any type is my fav. There's one I used to get that was Russian I think, it was wonderful. Haven't found it in awhile.

Sandy said...

Your Quaker house is pretty. I love milk chocolate and any kind is fine with me. LOL