Saturday, March 08, 2008

Anyone want snow?

The wind's picking up, so the visibility's even lower than when I took this picture a few minutes ago - but, we've got & are getting LOTS of snow! We've not hit blizzard status yet because the sustained winds haven't stayed at 35mph for 3 hours - yet! - but, we've certainly got the snow & the winds. We had thundersnow during the night. What a storm!

I know there are parts of the country/world that get more than this, but as they were saying on the national news last night, it's rare for us in central Ohio. Columbus' position on 2 rivers & all usually blocks a lot of the more severe weather - but not this weekend. We're under a Level 2 snow emergency & most businesses are closed - all schools are.

On the stitching front, I finally started my BC/HIH/Trilogy SAL. I decided to do Trilogy's "Spring" over one - no snow pieces for me right now! *lol* I've finished one RR I have here and will do the other as well as the signature RR I have here after I finish the SAL. I just needed to stitch for me.

I did work a bit on my Pizazz companion pages last night - got 2 done. I'm going to work on the other 4 today, I think - and have to start on K's scrapbook. She sorted photos last night, but we need to find what's stored on the computer & get those printed.

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Pumpkin said...

Boy, that does sound like a storm! We were supposed to get a wicked one this weekend but it wasn't even close to what they were saying it was going to be. That's okay though. I hope you don't lose your power :oS