Sunday, March 02, 2008


I so love Mary Garry's designs ... why did she have to retire? I have debated for awhile about which to stitch first & finally made up my mine (ok - that's obvious, isn't it? *lol*).
T has said he'll make frames for me. He better start soon!

I went out to dinner with a few band mom friends last night ... what an enjoyable evening! Good friends, good food ... Today I'm going to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" with one of the women - can't wait to see Ted Neeley!

I'm now stitching on two PALs RR's. Ok, I'm stitching on one (wish I could figure out how to stitch on more than one thing at a time!). I think it's finally truly centered so I can just keep stitching. I've frogged 3 times! The owner stitched 50x50 squares for us to stitch in and the one I chose has a 49x47 stitch count. Hmmm ... how do you fit 49 stitches in 48 holes??? The other RR is Lizzie*Kate's flip its from a few years ago. I stitched all of them for myself that year, then swore off of L*K's annual flips its. So much for that resolution, huh?

My scrapbooking class Thursday was wonderful! I'll share pictures after I make the companion pages .. which I'd hoped to do today, but JCS, here I come!


Shelleen said...

that piece is beautiful. great job on it.

fatcatmama said...

I love it it looks great.

Pumpkin said...

Just LOVELY Nancy! I've never seen her patterns before but I do like her style. That is too bad that she retired :o(

Oh, you'll have to let us know how you liked JCS! I would love to see that myself :o)

Sally said...

Love your Mary Garry piece Nancy!