Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another step

Today, K & I go to Tiffin for her orientation. While, like every parent, I'm not totally ready to let go & watch her leave for college, I know it's a necessary 'evil' and even more, I know she'll be out of her high school & will be somewhere safe. Her school's been in the news this week, thanks to the increasing levels of violence. Fortunately, our school board finally approved 2 additional security officers for the school. Took them long enough! Actually, it took a teacher being hurt ... and while I'm sorry for his injury, these changes needed to be made before school began in the fall. Anyway ... she'll be moving on to much better things!

I finally got my Brightneedle "Alphabet Sampler" finished but I've not yet taken a picture. Next is the last PALs RR I have to do & finishing BC's "Good Morning" that I began on our NY trip. I did a lot of frogging on the BN piece - wouldn't have anything to do with the stress I've been under of late. ;-)

Work's still stupid but at least the 15th is in just a few days. Our "extra" CPA will finally go back to part time ... yea!!

Oh - I also got one more scrapbook page done ... have to step up the productivity!


jsteinbarger said...

Have a safe trip to Tiffin. I know she'll do well there! Glad to hear the school is stepping up security, it's a scary world we live in now where kids aren't safe at school anymore. Anxious to see your BN piece!

Jennifer's life and goings on said...

I scrapbook also, it is so nice when you get that one page done.

Pumpkin said...

What is it with schools now???? Parents can't even send their children off, knowing that they will be safe :o( It's ridiculous!

I can't wait to see a picture of your latest finish :o)

monique said...

Oh man... just reading this makes me sad for my own daughter's leaving and she's only nine! I don't know how I'll make the adjustment. Hope you have a nice orientation day!!

TeresaB said...

Enjoy orientation with your daughter at Tiffin. I'm sure she's very excited and probably apprehensive as well. I remember being both at the same time in that situation.

Brenda said...

It makes you take a deep breath when one of your fledglings leaves the nest to go off to college. You send your child to college and an adult comes back.