Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day 2

We exited our buses across from The Plaza - the hotel used in Sex & The City for Big's engagement announcement. Too fun! We walked from here to FAO Schwartz, just across the street. What a GREAT place!

I thought if I took a picture of the necklace I know T will want to give me for my birthday (at Bulgari), he'd remember. HA!

Everyone has to try a New York hot dog on the street, right? Yes, it was good - though I'll confess, I didn't taste much difference. We also had a potato knish from the same vendor - yummy!

We had dinner here - Angelo's Pizza. A nice, traditional Italian restaurant. They weren't quite prepared for us, for whatever reason, but we survived.
While most of us blissfully ate & talked, one of our students decided to slip away .... little twit.

The evening's event was going to the Top of the Rock. What an incredible experience!! Yes, I took pictures from the top (and we went to the VERY top), but those will be shared another time. ;o)

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Pumpkin said...

Taking a picture of the actual necklace, you smart girl! ;o)

I can't imagine trying to keep track of that many students in NYC. I'm happy everything went well :o)