Friday, April 04, 2008

It's been awhile ....

so, if you don't like reading my work vents, pass on by ... ;o)

I work for a small accounting firm. It's April 4. If you've never heard me spaz before, know that this part of EVERY year is stupid, insane, ugly, weird, a major PIA. This year, I've worked hard at ignoring my coworkers as I really don't want to do jail time this year. But, I'm starting to reconsider that decision.

The CPA who sits across from my office (thank God I have a door I can close!) talks to herself, flicks her pen lids off & on, sighs when anyone else doesn't behave as she thinks they should, hits the keyboard so hard I'm surprised it doesn't just break into pieces ... The accountant next door to me spends most of her time socializing - back here in our part of the office, up front leaning on the receptionist's desk, on the phone. This year, she's farmed the majority of her work to above-mentioned CPA or our other bookkeeper, yet is recording huge "work" hours. Our other bookkeeper (there are 2 of us), has almost no work to do so she's been trying to keep the boss on our side a little towards sane, but she spends way too much time talking with anyone - clients, coworkers, family, friends. If you haven't gotten the picture yet, I am, of course, the only perfect employee here. ;o)

This morning, our receptionist's words just put me over a tiny edge. She's upset with one boss who always "runs home for a minute". Of course, the minutes are closer to hours & he's perpetually late for client meetings here. I know said recep is swamped, but, like others here, if she'd spend less time doing personal stuff (phone calls, chatting with coworkers), she might find she has more time to get her work done.

Oh ... one last ... because I'm not a CPA, there are many here who think their work is far more important than mine. Yeah, yeah, whatever. I work with our largest, best $ source, clients. And, right now, in the midst of my own regular work, I'm hustling to get 3 months of work done in just a couple of days for them because they need financial statements. Last week, to take care of my clients, I did a week's worth of work in 2 days because no one here will do direct deposit payrolls. Yep, they refuse to do what is supposed to be part of their jobs. When I took Wed off to do laundry, pack, rest before the all-night bus ride, I was doing work from home - again, because others refuse to do it.

Ok ... the world goes on spinning & it's another fun day in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. ;o)


Meari said...

Lord almight, Nancy! As I sat reading... I was like... OMG, SOMEONE who knows what I deal with on a day-to-day basis! I work for a medium sized accounting firm! I can TOTALLY relate... totally! LOL Now that it's tax season, I can so see the stress getting to people. LOL The other day, the admin asst went on a 15 rant. After she was finished, I went into the kitchen to get some water. After I came back she apologized and I just laughed and asked her if tax season was getting to her. LOL!

Beth said...

I also know what you mean. I work in a VERY small accounting office which is getting smaller because the owner is getting up in age and getting rid of several of his properties. So, the company thinks to downsize. What they are downsizing is us indians. We now have 6 chiefs and I am one of two indians. It certainly can get frustrating.


Pumpkin said...

I really hope you find something different VERY soon :o(