Sunday, May 04, 2008

catching up

Since I've done almost no stitching the last few weeks, I don't really have anything to share. I've been stitching CCN's "Bless Our Home" but it's pretty slow going ... back & forth, back & forth ... *lol* Oh ... and I've been scrapbooking since I've had 2 classes the last 2 weeks & am really feeling the time crunch for the end of May. Unfortunately, Kel keeps adding pictures to my stack ... will I ever finish? ;o)

Yep, my child was a thumb-sucker. She came by it honestly ... so was I. It's not damaged the teeth in either of our heads ... *lol* Of course, it had to have a section in the book! Especially if K was tired, in went the thumb, with the tag from her fav "puffalump" right there, rubbing her nose ...

I'd made these pages in class & K loves them, so she chose her middle school friends to show here. Oh, the memories ... *sigh*

And how could I not have holidays included? Hmmm ... where's the picture of the facing page for Halloween? Ok ... I'll get it here sometime ... *lol*


Renee said...

How awesome!!! Great job on the pages!!! How fun!!!

Pumpkin said...

Super job Nancy!!!! That is going to be one nice memory book :o)