Monday, June 16, 2008

This past weekend was K's graduation party - and we had such fun! Got to see people we've not seen in quite awhile - and, unfortunately as it goes at parties like this, we didn't get to chat a lot with anyone - but it was still fun & we so appreciated everyone coming to celebrate with us. There were some we'd hoped to see - but, with our weather as weird as it got Friday night, as well as everyone's crammed-crazy schedules, it was understandable that some couldn't make it. (Boy, don't I sound magnanimous? *lol*)

Of course, that said ... there were those who didn't show ... well, who I hoped would have, or, to be honest, I guess I thought "should" be there. Yeah, my expectations of others ... One was K's dad's girlfriend - and rumor has it, she went to a movie with co-workers. She's not attended one performance, one whatever of K's in at least 4 years if not longer. She certainly won't be invited to anything else T&I host for K. A few band parents I'd hoped to see weren't there. :-( And then there's the family members who didn't come ... *sigh* Some I understand the why, some I don't. And it's all out of my control, but I know the actions of others, especially recently, has me repeating "I'm done, I'm just done" about many people. Or, as K said Friday morning, "they just aren't really family anymore...."

I'm especially curious to see what happens - if anything - over the next couple of weeks. We won't be in town for the 4th of July but I know there are some who expect us to be here (well, really at their home), a gazillion dollars worth of fireworks in tow ... and it ain't happening. Lots of reasons, but seems to me if they can't drive to our home because of gas prices, we can't afford to drive to theirs. Oh, and of course, there's driving the country roads in the dark ... *sigh* A part of me wants to be angry about all of this. I'm beyond tired of people who take, or expect to be given - but they don't have the consideration or social graces or anything else to give from themselves.

Many have asked me what I'm going to do, now that my time as a band parent/booster is done. I'll have more time to scrapbook, stitch, read, garden, spend time with those I choose ... and I'm discovering that my tolerance for things I don't have/need to tolerate is at an all-time low. There's too much good, fun, beauty in this world to let my soul be bothered by those who just irritate.

Yesterday, we attended the celebration of the 60th wedding anniversary of my parents' best friends. T&H are my 'other' parents & their children are my brothers & sister. The celebration was bittersweet - T&H both have cancer and are failing quickly. I'm very concerned about how my mother will handle it when either or both die, their friendship is that strong. Their illnesses have both come on very suddenly ... and watching them, talking with their children & friends, further pushed me to the realization that my life has to be what I want/choose it to be ... Not that my job as a mom is done (that never happens! *lol*), but as K moves forward into her college life, it's time for me to rediscover myself.

Wow ... heavy stuff for a Monday morning ....


Pumpkin said...

I'm glad the party was fun Nancy! But you know, if those people refuse to come for no reason, then they're not worth worrying over. I can certainly understand the upset though. A lot of take but no give :o(

I'm sorry to hear about your friends :o( That must be very hard for everyone who knows them. ((((HUGS))))

Hey, I'm just discovering myself now so why not? ;o)

Julie said...

AMEN! I am RIGHT there with you in your thoughts, feelings and lack of tolerance. Life is too short!

Shelleen said...

congrats on your daughter's graduation and party. Justin's is the 29th and his party is the 5th.
Sorry to hear about the cancer of your friends.

Meari said...

Congrats on your DD's graduation. I know what you mean about guests... My bro got married and none of our extended family attended. I told my other bro.. Our family sucks. LOL