Monday, July 28, 2008

being a copycat

i'm a fan (almost daily reader) of ree's blog & am always hmmm ... fascinated? intrigued? when she posts of her guy's forearms, jean-covered tush, etc i'm impressed that he apparently has no problem with her comments (or all of ours! *lol*). anyway, all of this leads to my fascination with my guy's hands. this isn't the best picture but ... hey, it's a start.

t's hands, like his soul, are strong. some may look at them & see roughness ... hmmm .. yeah, that works for me, too. one of my "aaahhhh" moments with t is when we're walking somewhere - most anywhere - and he takes my hand in his & we walk on.
don't mind me ... i needed a break from the stupidness of my office ... a little eye candy ... ;o)


Beth said...

Well, he does seem to have strong looking hands. I always look at people's eyes. I think it is possible to see a bit of a person's soul through their eyes. Probably just being foolish, but...

Kelly's room brought back memories of taking Lisa to school - kinda scary - huh??


Pumpkin said...

Ohhhhhhhh, I with you there girl! I love my DH's hands :o)

Sandy said...

I too love DH's hands, and eyes. Great pic.