Sunday, July 27, 2008

can you say SMALL?

We took K to TU for freshman weekend yesterday. The kids stay in their actual dorm rooms, with their roommates ... do "fun" activities & get to know one another.

We knew the dimensions of K's room ... but when you see it in person ... OUCH! Is it SMALL! One of the RA's was going to work with them to see if they could come up with a better arrangement of everything, to make it a bit more livable. Like the green cast to the room? Every room that doesn't have a window covering in place (most every room, as each year's students are responsible for their own window coverings) has green plastic temporarily pinned over the windows. Lovely .... not. *lol*

But ... there are a few great things to their room. They are at the end of a hallway & share a bathroom with the 2 girls across the hall from them. Yep, 4 girls to a bathroom instead of 20 for K&R. Major plus! And, I guess a door near K's room is for another bathroom (I assume it's a community one) so ... should be no problem having bathroom time. ;o) They've got 3 windows in their room which makes furniture arrangement more of a challenge, but gives them better air circulation - and, with no a/c, that's a plus.

We're meeting the roommate's parents today - K's riding home with R, so we'll pick her up there. Should be interesting!

Don't you love their excitement?!?!? :o)


monique said...

Looks like a little prison LOL I'm sure they'll have fun, though :)

Milly~ said...

Yikes this brings back some memories. I had 6 roommates when I was in the seminary and 18 of us shared one bathroom...UGH!

Pumpkin said...

No wonder I didn't go away to university! That is one SMALL room :oS

Sandy said...

Very small room for sure. I'd go stir crazy in there in no time. But they can make it cozy. Love their faces. :D