Thursday, July 24, 2008

coffee please!

i started a pot of coffee here at the office ... while i wait for it to brew, a few random things ...

i put 2 pictures in my flickr account of pages i played on last night, sitting on the front porch. funny how i had random garden pictures or some such being on the 'cultivate your garden' page (the phrase has been pretty upfront in my brain the last few days) - then, instead, a bunch of random weird thoughts appeared. maybe i needed some cleansing so i could cultivate? ok, maybe not ... anyway, i played with mostly colored pencils - wished i'd taken an eraser outside with me but ... it's a step to letting things out, regardless of how 'good' or 'bad' my journaling is.

stopped by h's this morning to drop off paper plates & such. their neighborhood is much older than ours & has glorious trees & flowers in every yard. *sigh* i miss trees ... but it was a beautiful drive on a quiet thursday morning. which reminds me that i took a couple of pictures of our fog this morning - need to download them. i hope tomorrow morning's similar to today - will be nice to sit on the porch with my coffee and enjoy the quiet.

that said ... i'd best go get my coffee & get to work. may your day bring you sunshine & smiles!

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