Sunday, July 20, 2008

how does your garden grow?

Since we've spent time weeding & watering the last few days ... and thunderstorms are supposed to be coming in ... thought I'd share some of our bounty.

This may be the last bunch of radishes I harvest. There were many going to seed .. but, you never know. There might be one more batch since what's left is pretty thinned out.

See all the cucumbers?!?!? Do you think Tom likes 'em?

Tomatoes ... one of Ohio's best crops, always! Ours are finally starting to turn. Can't wait to have that glorious sun-warmed tomato juice running down my chin!

Onions, Tom's rhubarb .. I picked 2 of the onions for our dinner's salad. Carried them by the greens under my arm ... there's a romantic odor for you!


chumly said...

I love gardens.

Shari said...

your garden looks great!!!!!!
Yum! Can't beat summer produce!

Pumpkin said...

Oh yummy! Look at that bounty :o) Maybe you can come over and talk to my tomatoes and tell them to hurry up. LOL!

Nancy, I just LOVE your sign 'Out of chocolate. Life is crap.' Someone HAS to make a cross stitch design with that :o)