Wednesday, July 16, 2008


As I read Sandy's blog this morning, I started looking at others she links to ... and came across this. I've reserved both books from the library - spent enough $ yesterday to have me not buying these until I see them. *sigh* Another instance of why wasn't I born rich instead of beautiful? *lol*

If you like looking at pretty things, check the blog out & follow the links to others' blogs ... then to their etsy shops, if they have them. What wonderfully creative women!

I had good intentions of playing with a "plain" journal last night, but ... didn't. I volunteered to take Mom to the airport so Tom could sleep in a bit & it was far closer to my usual wake up time than his. So, at 5:30, we were at the airport ... *yawn* I knew they'd changed some of the roads around but hadn't even thought they'd change the one we always use to access the airport! Good thing we left a bit early ... Anyway, maybe tonight - if I don't crash when I get home. Shoot - maybe today if I need a diversion from work. [Can you imagine I'd need such a thing???]
Speaking of which ... every once in awhile, I decide I need to bring "me" to my office - and so I brought some of my lavender in yesterday.


Margie said...

your lavender is beautiful! I planted eight lavender plants this year and I'm hoping for the best but they usually don't do well in my area - I think it's the cold winters.

Renee said...

I just heard yesterday how changed up the airport is! I'm glad you're mom went on her trip and hope she has a great time!

Your lavender is very pretty and I bet it smells wonderful!!!

Sandy said...

Love the Lavender. It's so pretty and I bet it smells wonderful. :D

Pumpkin said...

I think bringing a bit of yourself to the office is a great idea Nancy. One small thing can perk up a bad day :o)