Sunday, July 20, 2008

My pretties

Tom loves to harass me about my flowers ... "are they edible???" Then I remind him ... the coneflowers create echinicea. I have lemon balm, tandy, herbs ... lavender ... sweet Annie ... so, ummmm.... yes!

I love the colors of my coneflowers, especially this one. Apparently, the bees (yea! bees!) like it, too.

My sole hollyhock plant. I planted 2, three or four years ago. One bloomed beautifully, then disappeared, never to return. But, one is better than none ...

My little snapdragons .. planted 2 years ago and this year, have sprouted sporadically (say that fast 5 times!) around the house. They are so cute!

Mmmmm ... daylilies! These flowers sprout all over Ohio & they certainly seem to love our dirt (or, the rocks that pass for dirt). I've these oranges, yellows & deep burnt oranges.

I've planted new (to me) ones this year that I hope thrive well. My parents' best friends are both dying from cancer & H dug up hostas & daylilies from their yard for me. I am truly blessed to have something that will bloom & grow in my garden, in memory of them.


Shari said...

love the flower pictures!!!! I see those purple ones every night when we take our walk & wish I had them in my garden!!!! So pretty!!! TFS!

Sandy said...

Your flowers are beautiful.

Pumpkin said...

Your flowers are gorgeous Nancy! Love the pictures. That's so beautiful that you will have some lovely flowers in memory of some very special people :o)

Meari said...

Very pretty flowers, Nancy.