Thursday, July 17, 2008

when is thursday really friday?

when you're me ... working 4 10-hour days. *yawn* i really like having friday (as it turns out) not at work. really. truly. loudly love it!
the problem is, though, then thursday becomes friday and all i think as i sit here is, is it time to go yet? wishing my life away ... i don't dislike my work, but i do dislike that it's black & white (though that's also what i like about it). i want to go home & play. pull weeds in the garden. stitch. create in my journal. stand on my head ...
well, not really. i can't stand on my head. at least not literally.
but, man, do i want out of here!! i've looked at blogs, trying to give my brain something different to look at ... and one's led to another led to another led to another ... uh oh. this isn't work? you sure?


Meari said...

It's Friday for me and I am oh-so-bored. Everyone left me! Thanks goodness it's 5.... oh, 5:07! Time for me to go home. Yay.

Pumpkin said...

I don't think it matters how many days a week you work, the last day always feels like Friday and the biggest hurdle to get over :oS