Saturday, August 09, 2008


We have 5 finch socks out back (hmmm ... pictures in another post, maybe?) that are filled with only thistle/finch food. But every once in awhile, the finches get curious about the bird food we keep in the front yard (songbird food). The finches are just so pretty!


Pumpkin said...

You know, I was telling DH that we have a pair (male and female) yellow finches that come to our place every year for at least the last three years. There are never any other finches around, just the two of them. You know when they are around because you either see the streak of yellow or hear their song :o)

Jane said...

We had a finch get one of his toes stuck in a finch sock last year and it was not pretty. We have since gotten a smaller metal mesh finch feeder and there is no more chance of that happening. Just thought I should mention it. It was probably a fluke accident but it really traumatized us.
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