Sunday, August 24, 2008


this morning, in an attempt to beat the heat of the day, i went into the garden to pick beans. tom had turned some of the plants over to allow the sun to get to the beans better ... it worked as i picked 3 large colanders full of green & yellow beans & will have many more to pick in another day or two. then the plants will be done...

i didn't plan on doing any weeding as at this point, we pretty much let whatever weeds want in, to grow. but of course, there were some in my way, so i pulled ... sans gloves. and there's one little prickly stuck in a finger that i can't see but can certainly feel.

i've been reading 'plant seed pull weed' for the past week or so .. a good read. very calming, thought-provoking ... reminded me often of why i love to garden. the tranquility of sitting there, feeling the sun beating on my back, hearing the birds at our feeders chirping away to lend music to my time out there. feeling so full of appreciation for our harvest - we'll have canned beans & frozen tomatoes all winter long. and maybe canned tomatoes as it looks to me like we're about to be overwhelmed with ready tomatoes. the joy of knowing what we eat comes from our own labors!

there are lots of gardens around our neighborhood, but they're all flowers, shrubs & trees. it looks like we're the only ones with vegetables growing, at least in our quantity. with the lot sizes we have, it's a bit sad to me that more people aren't using their yards to grow edible things. if nothing else, we're all hearing how much more expensive everything will be this winter ... but, more importantly, how can so many people choose to be so dependent on grocery stores? how can so many people choose to live off of processed foods? i'm not the most healthy person nor the most weight conscious, but when a small investment of time yields so much?

and i always go back to ... how can someone not want to absorb the pure pleasure of time in a garden? no phones, tv's ... no sound but the birds with an occasional car driving by? how can we not each need that quiet time to replenish our overloaded senses? i thinned the carrots this morning ... it is so incredible to see those baby carrots developing and gives such a feeling of anticipation of the sweet flavor they'll have when fully grown! a few years ago, we planted carrots & had a few little boys we know jumping up & down, wanting to help pull them. we all agreed nothing tasted better than those carrots!

five years ago, when mom & i agreed to build this house, to live here so k could finish school in this system, we talked of moving when she was done. in my head, i've always thought i'd move some place out further. t & i talk about it often, he looks at land often. we've seen places that appeal to us, but ... nothing goes further than that. yet. seeing the bounty we've gotten from the garden this year, knowing all of the work t does every year to enrich our rock-filled soil, slows us down a bit in our desire to move. for now, i accept that this place is where we're to be. in a rambing aside - the house we had before (k, me, my mom, my ex) had a great garden, too. it was a place in our yard that had been a garden years earlier, so we worked to bring it back to life and had great harvests each year. we even had deer who liked out corn enough to nest in it. the house isn't far from here and we each frequently drive by it. k exclaims each time, about the present owner, "she's let the garden go back to grass! she left the ornamental grasses but nothing else! how can she do that???" *sigh* though k isn't one to spend a lot of time helping in our garden, if she has a choice, it's nice to know she appreciates the labor as well as the fruits of the labor ... and recognizes the sadness of land not used for a garden.


Renee said...

I'm so glad you get all that from your garden. I wish my "babysitter" growing up wasn't our family's garden! I still have resentments! And sadly my neighbors garden didn't survive the drought this summer. ;0)

Beth said...

We have both flower and vegetable gardens in our yard, but the flower beds are bigger. I really want to start a berry patch, but so far I haven't convinced the guy that would have to dig it. I can't do that heavy stuff anymore!!


Meari said...

My garden is just starting to produce. No beans yet but lots of flowers (Yes, I know -- I planted my garden L-A-T-E)

Pumpkin said...

Unfortunately we've become a society that wants things done fast and a garden is too much work for the new lifestyles. It really is a shame because there is nothing better than fresh veggies and fruit from the garden :o) I remember pulling carrots all the time and ate them, dirt and all. LOL!

We went small this year because we didn't know where we'd be. I still love the fact that we were supplied with lettuce gallore and now tomatoes :o)