Wednesday, September 03, 2008

catching up a bit

Not that I've been busy or anything (lol) ... canned the rest of our green beans last night, went to Sunbury's Labor Day flea market & the Native American powwow on Monday ... spent Saturday with stitching friends Lauren, Renee & Milly (& her DH) having breakfast, gabbing & shopping at Cross My Heart. How did a 4 day weekend pass so quickly??

Our assignment last week in Kira's group was to scan magazines, grabbing words, then pictures as they grabbed one's attention. Then, we were to think further about what those pictures meant or symbolized. I sure seem to be stuck in vintage stuff, things that speak peace or serenity to me ... and, as always, nature. Nah, I don't try to escape my work ...

again ... my garden!!

We celebrated Mil's birthday while she was here ... and I forgot to take a picture of the floss tag I made her! Maybe she will ..


Sandy said...

Great job on the pages and the card. TFS.

Renee said...

How pretty!! That card is awesome!

Pumpkin said...

That's awesome that you got to meet with Milly! I'm sure you had a great time ;o)

You're doing great work with your journaling.