Sunday, September 28, 2008

coffee brain ramblings

to those friends who have responded to my post about splitting my blog: thank you!! i guess i'll just keep truckin' along the way i am ..

i bought a new journal yesterday (pics later) for my trip & other travels. this is the first journal i really felt compelled to create a cover for & i'm quite pleased with my creation. i've already written in it, too ... about the powers of turquoise, a color i'm extremely drawn to right now.

since friday night's presidential "debate" (must be a description of that word somewhere that i'm not aware of ... that certainly was not a debate) i've heard & read all sorts of opinions about the candidates, the state of our country, etc. (ok, who hasn't?) i've come to realize that i'm easily accepting of others' religious beliefs & practices, but i've a voice inside that screams in agony when someone vocalizes a different political belief than my own. i've found myself wanting to speak out in a few forums where my voice could cause problems ... and i'm already fearful of my workplace tomorrow as i have a boss who's very loud & argumentative with his own political thoughts ... it rankles my soul to stay quiet, to bite my tongue to be "safe" or non-controversial, but i don't know yet how else to handle this. it saddens me to consider staying quiet when my own thoughts are as valid as the next person's ... *sigh*


Pumpkin said...

I think you made the right decision :o)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

People with closed minds won't hear you anyway. Congrats on being able to hold your tongue, I struggle with this myself. CJ(ok;-)

Sandy said...

I'm anxious to see that journal. :D I too love turquoise and any other color blue right now.

I've decided to not watch the news this week since I'm tired of hearing all the things that are being said. I know everyone has their opinion on politics and I've heard many. I try not to argue about it myself. It is America and I believe everyone can vote as they want to. No one has to be "right". It's their choice.

I'm proud that you've been quiet at work. I couldn't do it. I'm just too vocal. It's something I'm working on though. Really hard too. Really hard.....