Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ok ... they're not stitching, but the one piece I stitched last night/this morning, I can't share as it's for an exchange. I'll try to remember to share a picture when the exchange is completed in December.

Ideas for my journals are rumbling through my head, so I'll play with that tonight or tomorrow. For now, it's all about beading ...

The first 2 are a necklace I finished today. The center piece, the 4 large side beads & the amber teardrops are from my time in Arizona - the orange seed beads are from my cross stitch stash. This took more time than I expected as I kept changing how it all went together, finally adding the copper coils last night (made by me) to keep the smaller beads from disappearing into the bigger ones.

The third picture shows the wrapped bracelets - the finished one is Kel's, the one on top is mine. I still need to wrap copper around the frame - something to do tonight as we watch CBJ stomp Anaheim.

The 2 beaded bracelets I made last night, with beads bought in AZ & here. I bought more of the bigger beads than I used, so ... guess I'll have to make more!

The last is of the first necklace I made, made entirely of pieces purchased in AZ. I wore it on Thursday & felt my friends with me all day.


~Kim~ said...

Wow, great job!! How many hobbies does this make for you?! he he


Renee said...


Shelleen said...

great job!!

Sandy said...

I love them all. You're so talented and it's great to have such wonderful hobbies. TFS.

Pumpkin said...

Great pieces Nancy! Of course your talent has spread over into jewelry making now :o)