Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A goal .. and you can help!

I just realized how outdated some of the "stuff" on my blog is. I need to update the list of fav blogs, clean out blinkies, etc. So, while Tom's gone for the next 2 weeks (YIKES!) I'm going to take the time to clean this place up. (Hmmm... think I should do it at home, too? *lol*)

If you have suggestions for blog design places, a fav site to visit, whatever ... send it on! And maybe I'll even figure out a prize or two to hand out. That'd be one way to start getting rid of stash, wouldn't it?


Pumpkin said...

Hmmmmmm....maybe you should have your own Avatar :o)

Sandy said...

You can try here for some free stuff, this is where I got my background.


Julie said...

I'm big on making it whatever You want, You like.