Thursday, October 30, 2008

I may rue the day ...

I decided to post this, but I just have to share this well-written article about our presidential race. If you have any interest in the debacle known as the presidential race, go read this ... If you don't, cool. Your choice...

Thank you, Sandy, for your comment! And I didn't take it personally at all!! I firmly believe one of the best things about the US is our ability to individually express our own opinions. If I agree or disagree with you (or the author of that article or the man in the moon), we're free to express ourselves. (I guess I should say as well that if anyone does post "nasty" comments here .. well, I do have that little trash can at the end of each comment I can use *lol*) I don't mind discussions or debates about politics or anything else - I do mind the haranguing I hear daily in my office.
I guess by putting this post on my blog, some may interpret it as my expression of who I'm voting for. No one should make that assumption .. 'cause I'm not telling! ;o)


Sandy said...

Well, it's your blog and I feel you can post whatever you want.

I know politics is a really sticky subject and can start a lot of arguments.

Since you posted the article, I read it and I just wanted to say I don't agree with a couple of things in it.

I don't follow politics anymore because I just got tired of hearing about it everyday. That being said. I don't feel that our current situation should be blamed all on the last 8 years of the Bush years. It actually started when Clinton was in office if this man wants to research it. But since he's a Democrat or voting for one he's not going to post that on this article.

Now onto point #1. I've heard Obama say several times that if elected he's going to pull the troops out of Iraq and end the war. What I want to know is how he's going to fight the war is there is no war. Yes Osama bin Ladin is still out there but he's supported by other terriorist and I believe in our military that they're doing their best to find him. In that respect I believe that McCain has more experience with military than Obama and more experience with politics than Obama.

In all the the political speeches, plans, etc. I've seen or studied, the candidate has always said what he/she is going to do if elected. Once he/she is elected they generally do what they can or want to do. If this man is elected I don't think he's going to do even close to half of what he's saying he's going to do and American's are going to be sadly suprised by that. Our country is in a low right now and expecting a miracle, Obama is a great speaker but I feel he's too young and too inexperienced to run our country.

I hope you didn't take my comments personally, they're just my opinion. Kuddos to you for making your post by the way.

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

For anyone who notices the deleted comment, that's my comment I deleted. I decided to add it to the original post instead of leaving it as a comment. :-)