Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Is it November 5 yet??? I'm SO done with political ads - they're everywhere! Some creative souls have taken their junk mail & done some great creating ... not me. I just toss the crap. I am appalled at the colossal waste - the amount of $ spent on advertising is disgusting. Wretched excess! I'm tired of the mud-slinging, of people not telling us what they will do but instead pointing fingers at others ... I'm tired of the ads that so apparently think we're all clueless & stupid. *sigh*

Yeah, it's been that sort of day. Cold. Gray. Very winter-ish. Brrrrr! Add my work day & it's just been a lovely day <--said with much sarcasm. Why do people have to be so condescending? One boss sends me emails about work, always with a "since I know you don't know what you're doing" tone. Grrrr... I responded to one today with "I do stay educated, you know". Idjit. I do my job & do it damn well ... Guess I need to look at it that I do have a job & he must have some need to feel in authority. It's on him, not me ...

ANYway ... tomorrow's a new day! :-)

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Pumpkin said...

Yes, PLEASE! We just had the US AND the Canadian campains going. Oye! Enough already.

I'm really wondering if I want to go back to work. Definitely a good way to avoid what you're dealing with ;o)