Sunday, October 26, 2008

One more

Sorry for the picture quality, but this is the other necklace I made yesterday. I'd bought two crystal beads to put with this piece, but once I started laying it out - yuck! *lol*

Today I am going to clear out the flower beds. We've got snow flurries predicted for Tuesday .... nooooooo! It's too soon! My plants are still so pretty (well, most of them) ... but, snow will zap them so I guess I should just go ahead & pull them out. :-(

And for those who wonder about my crafting ADD ... yep, I've got it. Big time. Always have ... There will never be enough time in my life to do all the things I want to do, for sure!


Sandy said...

Snow? Not fair at all. I want snow, well not right now since I'm sick but sometime this winter would be nice. LOL Good luck with those flowers.

Love the necklace. And you're right I won't have much time to do all I want either so I'm trying like hell to do it all now. :D

Pumpkin said...

You DO have a serious case of CADD!!!! Good thing you have a job ;o)