Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the rest ...

These are grandchild #2's section ... I sure hope T's DB & DSIL like this ... I sure had fun! (see post below for first section)

99% finished

Yep, instead of stitching much, I've been concentrating on getting the latest photo album done. We'll be delivering it in person in NH soon, so ... the pressure was on! *lol* I've left blank (covered) pages at the back for grandchild #3, who's due later this year .. and I've got to get binder rings that I'll decorate with a few ribbons ... but, for the most part, it is DONE! I like it ... and know I have a LOT yet to learn about finishes, but that will come. The pics in this post are grandchild #1 ...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lesson completed

Last weekend, I took a class at CMH to learn how to make a biscornu (a tuffet - pincushion - whatever you wish to call it). What fun!! In the class, we did the border stitching, then began sewing the 2 sides together - not worrying at all about stitching a design or whatever. Since mine was not too far along when I got home, I decided I wanted to stitch something on mine before I finished stitching it all together ... so I did! *lol* I may try another one as my next piece, but on smaller count fabric ... make a scissor fob/ornament size one. We'll see ....

After I finished this last night, I did 2 of the companion pages for the ones I made Thursday night at the scrapbooking class. I'll probably finish the companion pages tonight, then dig in hard on Sunday on P's grandparent flap book. I think after working this morning, hair appts this afternoon, a quick (ha!) stop at Michael's, dinner with my mom & my niece & her family - I won't be up to being too creative, so the companion pages might just be the answer. Oh! And the NHL All-Star game's this weekend - yea!! Tonight's all skills competition - go, Nasher!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Went to my first scrapbooking class tonight ... made 6 "Pizazz" pages (Pizazz being the name of the shop). Since I can't find the camera cord, here are pics of 4 pages, taken with my phone.

We did a little of a lot ... brads, ribbons, cutouts ... Fortunately, the person sitting across from me brought a LOT of scrapbooking supplies with her. I'd taken what I'd been told to take - and we needed more stuff. And, of course, I bought a few more fun things before I left the store. Again. *lol

This page was a true learning experience ... The "card" with the heart opens - that's a clasp across the heart. Too fun!

I wish I'd taken a better journaling pen than mine turned out to be ... wasn't so great writing on a bubbly-finished paper. No biggie ... We glued the strips across the top of the 'bling' page, then trimmed the waves.

This one's ... different. Looks better in person ... My cutout paper is ok, though there are a couple of places I could have left more of the background. Played with brads & ribbons here ... and paint. Always fun!

I guess I'm going to do the February class too ... Kel wants the March/Irish page we'll be doing. ;o)

Now .... to spend time this weekend working on P's flap book!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes with my job situation ... I very much appreciate them all!
T left this morning for NH ... Feb 8 & our trip up to meet him can't come soon enough! I'm going to try to be disciplined & focused while he's gone & get things done ... the grandparent album for my SIL, K's scrapbook, some stitching of course ... organize things a bit ... clean a lot ...and eat out at place's T doesn't like. *lol* Right now, I want to be home scrapbooking ... and I've realized I often stop myself with "what if's" ... as many of us probably do. So, if you know any good scrapbooking sites, any sites with creative inspiration whatevers - please share them. I'm taking my first class tomorrow evening with a very talented local artist - so maybe that will help fire my juices. *lol*
I finished Bent Creek's birth announcement last night for our new niece ... will share a picture soon. I'm not real thrilled with BC's graphing right now ... mistakes where there shouldn't have been ... but, the finished piece is cute, so ... I'll just watch better before I buy anymore of their products.
For now ... back to W-2's. Oh joy!!! *lol*

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A finish!

I do have a better picture of this on my camera, but this with my phone camera works for now. ;o)

This is LHN's "Brave Hearts" and I knew the moment I saw it, I had to make it for T. He is truly my hero and he has given so much of himself to serve our country ... I'm taking a biscournu class at CMH today, so I'll leave this for Kathy to frame.

You may notice - if you have this chart - that mine is a bit different. After I'd stitched the house and most of the words and started on the flag, I realized something was a bit off ... yep, I forgot to stitch one whole row of windows on the house! T & I agreed it looked fine as it was, so ... now we know it's mine! *lol*

To all who've shared words about my job & new job search - Thank You! The 2 positions I was researching this past week or so didn't pan out ... Even though employers apparently want my experience & knowledge, they want me to start at step 1 as an employee ... ain't happenin'. I realize there are things you earn by working at a place for a length of time, but if you want "me" you have to give to get. I still think the implosion here is going to happen soon ... the 31st is approaching ... Since Jan 31 is my big deadline (W-2's & 1099's for my clients), for the next week or so, I've got to concentrate more on this job, then I can concentrate on the next one. And, T leaves Wed for 3 weeks, so I'll feel I can spend more time on the computer at home, searching & filling out apps & such.

To all of you who read my blabberings ... thank you! I appreciate your comments!

Well, it is Saturday in January and I am at the office, so I guess I better actually work. Go, Pats!! Stone Dallas, CBJ!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I've got to find out how to do this right ... but, for now ... this is a replay of Rick Nash's OUTSTANDING AMAZING goal at the BlueJackets' game last night against Phoenix.

Take THAT, Gretsky!!!

CBJ rules!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

it's already january 14???

ah, life ... boy, can it suck sometimes. i know i need to find a different job ... why can't one just fall out of the sky, into my lap? *lol* i'm tired of knowing how one particular boss talks about me ... i so want to confront him, but i can't for many reasons. our firm is full of tension & nastiness because adult men can't work things out. it's so stupid and so wrong and so draining. i do my job & i do it well ... why does one person feel the need to berate me to others? why does he do the same with another in our office? neither of us have done a damn thing to him & i'm fairly certain the other owners take his diatribes with whole shakers of salt ... but it's still wrong, immature, stupid. and now he's making a lot of noise about hiring 30 year olds because we're all going to want to retire at the same time & then what? good heavens ... talk about open discrimination! others are able to let it all just slide away, as slime does, but i take it more personally, i guess ... oh, blather! it's irritating, destructive, demoralizing ... and i need to get past it & just get my butt outta there!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pretty baby!

I put the finishing touches on Molly's album today ... Now to get the one done for the grandparents! :o)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New toys

Not that I'm anal or anything ... but I needed to better organize my scrapbooking stash, so, off I went to Joann's. I bought a Xyron sticker maker, too, so now everything's even identified! Besides the stuff shown here, I also organized my paper & stickers. Boy, am I good! *lol* Now to get to making more things!!