Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another step

Today, K & I go to Tiffin for her orientation. While, like every parent, I'm not totally ready to let go & watch her leave for college, I know it's a necessary 'evil' and even more, I know she'll be out of her high school & will be somewhere safe. Her school's been in the news this week, thanks to the increasing levels of violence. Fortunately, our school board finally approved 2 additional security officers for the school. Took them long enough! Actually, it took a teacher being hurt ... and while I'm sorry for his injury, these changes needed to be made before school began in the fall. Anyway ... she'll be moving on to much better things!

I finally got my Brightneedle "Alphabet Sampler" finished but I've not yet taken a picture. Next is the last PALs RR I have to do & finishing BC's "Good Morning" that I began on our NY trip. I did a lot of frogging on the BN piece - wouldn't have anything to do with the stress I've been under of late. ;-)

Work's still stupid but at least the 15th is in just a few days. Our "extra" CPA will finally go back to part time ... yea!!

Oh - I also got one more scrapbook page done ... have to step up the productivity!

Friday, April 04, 2008

It's been awhile ....

so, if you don't like reading my work vents, pass on by ... ;o)

I work for a small accounting firm. It's April 4. If you've never heard me spaz before, know that this part of EVERY year is stupid, insane, ugly, weird, a major PIA. This year, I've worked hard at ignoring my coworkers as I really don't want to do jail time this year. But, I'm starting to reconsider that decision.

The CPA who sits across from my office (thank God I have a door I can close!) talks to herself, flicks her pen lids off & on, sighs when anyone else doesn't behave as she thinks they should, hits the keyboard so hard I'm surprised it doesn't just break into pieces ... The accountant next door to me spends most of her time socializing - back here in our part of the office, up front leaning on the receptionist's desk, on the phone. This year, she's farmed the majority of her work to above-mentioned CPA or our other bookkeeper, yet is recording huge "work" hours. Our other bookkeeper (there are 2 of us), has almost no work to do so she's been trying to keep the boss on our side a little towards sane, but she spends way too much time talking with anyone - clients, coworkers, family, friends. If you haven't gotten the picture yet, I am, of course, the only perfect employee here. ;o)

This morning, our receptionist's words just put me over a tiny edge. She's upset with one boss who always "runs home for a minute". Of course, the minutes are closer to hours & he's perpetually late for client meetings here. I know said recep is swamped, but, like others here, if she'd spend less time doing personal stuff (phone calls, chatting with coworkers), she might find she has more time to get her work done.

Oh ... one last ... because I'm not a CPA, there are many here who think their work is far more important than mine. Yeah, yeah, whatever. I work with our largest, best $ source, clients. And, right now, in the midst of my own regular work, I'm hustling to get 3 months of work done in just a couple of days for them because they need financial statements. Last week, to take care of my clients, I did a week's worth of work in 2 days because no one here will do direct deposit payrolls. Yep, they refuse to do what is supposed to be part of their jobs. When I took Wed off to do laundry, pack, rest before the all-night bus ride, I was doing work from home - again, because others refuse to do it.

Ok ... the world goes on spinning & it's another fun day in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. ;o)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day 2

We exited our buses across from The Plaza - the hotel used in Sex & The City for Big's engagement announcement. Too fun! We walked from here to FAO Schwartz, just across the street. What a GREAT place!

I thought if I took a picture of the necklace I know T will want to give me for my birthday (at Bulgari), he'd remember. HA!

Everyone has to try a New York hot dog on the street, right? Yes, it was good - though I'll confess, I didn't taste much difference. We also had a potato knish from the same vendor - yummy!

We had dinner here - Angelo's Pizza. A nice, traditional Italian restaurant. They weren't quite prepared for us, for whatever reason, but we survived.
While most of us blissfully ate & talked, one of our students decided to slip away .... little twit.

The evening's event was going to the Top of the Rock. What an incredible experience!! Yes, I took pictures from the top (and we went to the VERY top), but those will be shared another time. ;o)

Day 1 continued

I remember now that the IBM building is next to/part of the Trump building. I didn't get into the Trump building but those who did were sure impressed with the gold. ;o)

Sure wish we'd had more time at the Natural History Museum.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We survived!

Last Wednesday night, 100 of us boarded 2 buses & traveled to NYC. Yep, me & my closest high school band friends rode through the night. Some slept, but the kids were so wound up, many didn't sleep until the very wee hours of the morning.

Our first stop was breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe, somewhere near Times Square (I'm still confused about the layout of Manhattan *lol*). Then we were driven to Rockefeller Plaza after we found a place to pull over & change into our band shirts.

Our first 'real' tourist stop was Radio City Music Hall. We had a backstage tour - VERY cool! And, yes, I got to have my picture taken with a Rockette. ;o)

After we all had time to do a bit of exploring around the area, the kids performed in the IBM Atrium - and they were WONDERFUL! A lot of people gathered to listen & a number of the regulars commented to us that our kids were the best they'd heard. Our equipment truck had not been allowed to enter Manhattan thru the Holland Tunnel (our access), but fortunately, the driver found his way in & was able to meet up with us at the IBM building. The kids scurried to load the equipment after the performance, and we were off to more exploring, then dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner. The food certainly wasn't the greatest, but the waitstaff sings as you eat - a fun experience.

After dinner, some went to see "Rent", others to see "Hairspray", the rest to see "Wicked". I was in the "Wicked" bunch (no comments needed there! *lol*). It was one of THE best theatrical experiences I've ever had!!

When we finally left the city for our hotel (in NJ), we were all extremely worn out. The lead bus driver (not ours) drove past our hotel, though there was a huge sign out front. *sigh* So, 20 minutes later than necessary, we finally were able to unload & get to our rooms. We sure didn't have to worry about anyone wandering the halls - everyone was too darn tired!

Day 2 & 3 will follow in other posts ...