Saturday, May 17, 2008

K's scrapbook - continued

Some friends are with you all through your school life. These are just 3 of many in Kel's life. They met as 1st graders when we started our Brownie troop & have shared adventures through the years. What fun it's been to go through our pictures & see them all grow into the beautiful young women they are now!

Over the past few years, Kel & I have discovered the beauty of New Hampshire - thanks to the friends & family who live there. Sadly, T's vet buddy hopes to move by the end of this summer so we won't be able to stay at his house anymore ... but, that won't stop us from visiting the area. It's just too gorgeous & it's where T goes camping with his buds every year. Anyway .. it's a place we love & very much deserved a place in Kel's book.

How could her book not have at least one page dedicated to Easter? She's always loved it - and, like Halloween, was never about the candy. Kel & her Easter egg hunts ... Hmmm .. maybe I should add a journaling about the Easter my brother & his then-girlfriend visited. Talk about a nightmare! *lol*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Decisions, decisions

well, my bosses finally decided about my work time request. i drive 50 miles to & from the office, daily, of course, and at $4/gallon for gas ... OUCH! so, i asked if i could switch to 4 10-hour days or working at home 1 day a week. they've agreed to it!!! something of a minor miracle there ...

so, now i have to look at my calendar & see what will work best. i get to try whichever way & if it doesn't work, switch to the other. i think i'm going to start with the 4 10-hours just 'cause my self-discipline may not be enough for me to get that 5th day of work all done ... and, it gives me another day to do whatever i want.

do any of you work either of these ways? even if you don't ... i'd love to read your thoughts about the change.

and, yes, i've been stitching a bit - finally finished 'bless our home' last night & started a homespun elegance piece. i switched out the dog on 'bless' since we don't have one. looks ok to me! *lol* and i finished 4 pieces into larger pinkeeps over this past weekend. yeah, yeah, i'll get pictures here sometime.

life's just too crazy when there's a high school senior involved! :-)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

yep ... more!

So many pictures of my darling little girl! Yep, she's always loved dressing up, posing for pictures ... and, thankfully, she still has a glorious smile! Going through these pictures has made me miss my little girl but I'm reminding myself she's growing into a wonderful young woman. Thankfully, she's still full of hugs & giggles!

These 2 girls ... E's mom & I were SAHM's back when our girls were babies & met at a local bowling facility that was trying to give SAHM's a way to meet. As our girls have grown up & we now live in different - but nearby - suburbs, we rarely see one another. But, last fall, our 2 football teams played one another so the girls were able to scream & hug & giggle & gab. We'll see them again come graduation party time, I'm sure.

catching up

Since I've done almost no stitching the last few weeks, I don't really have anything to share. I've been stitching CCN's "Bless Our Home" but it's pretty slow going ... back & forth, back & forth ... *lol* Oh ... and I've been scrapbooking since I've had 2 classes the last 2 weeks & am really feeling the time crunch for the end of May. Unfortunately, Kel keeps adding pictures to my stack ... will I ever finish? ;o)

Yep, my child was a thumb-sucker. She came by it honestly ... so was I. It's not damaged the teeth in either of our heads ... *lol* Of course, it had to have a section in the book! Especially if K was tired, in went the thumb, with the tag from her fav "puffalump" right there, rubbing her nose ...

I'd made these pages in class & K loves them, so she chose her middle school friends to show here. Oh, the memories ... *sigh*

And how could I not have holidays included? Hmmm ... where's the picture of the facing page for Halloween? Ok ... I'll get it here sometime ... *lol*