Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Breakfast Club

TBC is one of my all-time favorite movies ... lots of reasons. Anyway, today I was Molly Ringwald - eating sushi at my desk today. I didn't realize when I purchased it last evening that the little black plastic tray it was in is not just plain ol' black plastic ... what fun!!

The sushi was very yummy - crab, avocado .... mmmmm ....!

What did you have for lunch today? I didn't go out today - not even to sit near the river & just look at something different for a bit. J's boyfriend died Monday - tonight's the time at the funeral home - so I want to get home in time to get cleaned up a bit before we head to Lancaster.

Played some more in my journal last night. Maybe I'll remember to take a few photos to share .. ;o)

Monday, July 28, 2008

being a copycat

i'm a fan (almost daily reader) of ree's blog & am always hmmm ... fascinated? intrigued? when she posts of her guy's forearms, jean-covered tush, etc i'm impressed that he apparently has no problem with her comments (or all of ours! *lol*). anyway, all of this leads to my fascination with my guy's hands. this isn't the best picture but ... hey, it's a start.

t's hands, like his soul, are strong. some may look at them & see roughness ... hmmm .. yeah, that works for me, too. one of my "aaahhhh" moments with t is when we're walking somewhere - most anywhere - and he takes my hand in his & we walk on.
don't mind me ... i needed a break from the stupidness of my office ... a little eye candy ... ;o)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

can you say SMALL?

We took K to TU for freshman weekend yesterday. The kids stay in their actual dorm rooms, with their roommates ... do "fun" activities & get to know one another.

We knew the dimensions of K's room ... but when you see it in person ... OUCH! Is it SMALL! One of the RA's was going to work with them to see if they could come up with a better arrangement of everything, to make it a bit more livable. Like the green cast to the room? Every room that doesn't have a window covering in place (most every room, as each year's students are responsible for their own window coverings) has green plastic temporarily pinned over the windows. Lovely .... not. *lol*

But ... there are a few great things to their room. They are at the end of a hallway & share a bathroom with the 2 girls across the hall from them. Yep, 4 girls to a bathroom instead of 20 for K&R. Major plus! And, I guess a door near K's room is for another bathroom (I assume it's a community one) so ... should be no problem having bathroom time. ;o) They've got 3 windows in their room which makes furniture arrangement more of a challenge, but gives them better air circulation - and, with no a/c, that's a plus.

We're meeting the roommate's parents today - K's riding home with R, so we'll pick her up there. Should be interesting!

Don't you love their excitement?!?!? :o)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

foggy bottoms

ok, i just like how that sounds ... *lol*

we're in a 'cool' spell here in central ohio. the night's cool off, but the ground's still quite warm from the day's sunshine, so we have morning dew & fog. this morning, i thought to take pictures as i left the house. the first is looking across the back from the front of our house; the second is the park's field across from our development entrance. glad my brain wasn't feeling as foggy as the air was this morning! ;o)

coffee please!

i started a pot of coffee here at the office ... while i wait for it to brew, a few random things ...

i put 2 pictures in my flickr account of pages i played on last night, sitting on the front porch. funny how i had random garden pictures or some such being on the 'cultivate your garden' page (the phrase has been pretty upfront in my brain the last few days) - then, instead, a bunch of random weird thoughts appeared. maybe i needed some cleansing so i could cultivate? ok, maybe not ... anyway, i played with mostly colored pencils - wished i'd taken an eraser outside with me but ... it's a step to letting things out, regardless of how 'good' or 'bad' my journaling is.

stopped by h's this morning to drop off paper plates & such. their neighborhood is much older than ours & has glorious trees & flowers in every yard. *sigh* i miss trees ... but it was a beautiful drive on a quiet thursday morning. which reminds me that i took a couple of pictures of our fog this morning - need to download them. i hope tomorrow morning's similar to today - will be nice to sit on the porch with my coffee and enjoy the quiet.

that said ... i'd best go get my coffee & get to work. may your day bring you sunshine & smiles!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

short vent

well, i'll try to keep it short ...

enter b - wanted to retire a couple of years ago from her position as bookkeeper for one of our clients. decided to stay on parttime as independent contractor. every time something changes in their payroll - which she still does - we have a major discussion about how to do it. they use quickbooks - fairly easy, straight-forward software. after this morning's conversation about how to add an additional withholding tax to an employee, then receiving an email from her telling me maybe i'd chosen the wrong location so she'd changed it ... and she was wrong ... i'm sitting here, getting dizzy 'cause i can't stop shaking my head in wonderment. she makes the easiest tasks difficult. *sigh* she is such a fun person & has never struck me as being stupid ... but, man, am i tired of these 'fights' to get things done.

ok ... back to my own work ...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank you

Thank you to all who have left comments here ... I really appreciate them!!

To all who have added our friends, T&H, to their prayers, thank you. At 11:40pm yesterday, their daughter called to let me know T had passed. I think I'm still just a bit stunned, though we all knew it was inevitable. H is still in the hospital & hopefully now the hospital/doctors will work with the family to get him out & home. My mom is a mess. These are her best friends - have been for 55 years - and she's "stuck" in Florida. My aunt needs someone with her every day & on Saturday, Mom & my aunt decided to have J take this week as vacation. I think they'll work something out so Mom can come home, at least for the funeral, but ... if not, we knew this could happen & had discussed it with T&H before Mom left. I really wish I could wiggle my nose & change everything! Please, if you can, offer up support, prayers, whatever works for you, for my "other" family.

Thank you, again ...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


As you may have read in an earlier post here, I *want* to journal ... maybe a written one only as well as an art one. But, right now, with T&H both so ill, so close to death, creating for myself seems ... hmm ... selfish. Not right. Too many other things taking up my heart, my energy. And, of course, K's getting-closer-by-the-day move to college ...

I thought yesterday I'd add T&H to my journal, spill some memories & emotions ... but, the pics I chose sit on the counter, waiting. Do I think putting those things to paper brings everything too close, too real, too happening-soon possible? So ... those journals sit.

Instead, I've worked on a book for K to take to college, to have a bit of 'home' and 'mom' there beside her. When T goes camping, I send cards, stash some in his luggage ... remind him of home ... and me. Yeah, yeah, I know he won't forget ... but, it's what I do. So, why should K be any different? I've already begun stashing Hallmark cards to send to her. Who doesn't love getting mail? Ok, enough rationalization ...

My pretties

Tom loves to harass me about my flowers ... "are they edible???" Then I remind him ... the coneflowers create echinicea. I have lemon balm, tandy, herbs ... lavender ... sweet Annie ... so, ummmm.... yes!

I love the colors of my coneflowers, especially this one. Apparently, the bees (yea! bees!) like it, too.

My sole hollyhock plant. I planted 2, three or four years ago. One bloomed beautifully, then disappeared, never to return. But, one is better than none ...

My little snapdragons .. planted 2 years ago and this year, have sprouted sporadically (say that fast 5 times!) around the house. They are so cute!

Mmmmm ... daylilies! These flowers sprout all over Ohio & they certainly seem to love our dirt (or, the rocks that pass for dirt). I've these oranges, yellows & deep burnt oranges.

I've planted new (to me) ones this year that I hope thrive well. My parents' best friends are both dying from cancer & H dug up hostas & daylilies from their yard for me. I am truly blessed to have something that will bloom & grow in my garden, in memory of them.

how does your garden grow?

Since we've spent time weeding & watering the last few days ... and thunderstorms are supposed to be coming in ... thought I'd share some of our bounty.

This may be the last bunch of radishes I harvest. There were many going to seed .. but, you never know. There might be one more batch since what's left is pretty thinned out.

See all the cucumbers?!?!? Do you think Tom likes 'em?

Tomatoes ... one of Ohio's best crops, always! Ours are finally starting to turn. Can't wait to have that glorious sun-warmed tomato juice running down my chin!

Onions, Tom's rhubarb .. I picked 2 of the onions for our dinner's salad. Carried them by the greens under my arm ... there's a romantic odor for you!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

when is thursday really friday?

when you're me ... working 4 10-hour days. *yawn* i really like having friday (as it turns out) not at work. really. truly. loudly love it!
the problem is, though, then thursday becomes friday and all i think as i sit here is, is it time to go yet? wishing my life away ... i don't dislike my work, but i do dislike that it's black & white (though that's also what i like about it). i want to go home & play. pull weeds in the garden. stitch. create in my journal. stand on my head ...
well, not really. i can't stand on my head. at least not literally.
but, man, do i want out of here!! i've looked at blogs, trying to give my brain something different to look at ... and one's led to another led to another led to another ... uh oh. this isn't work? you sure?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


As I read Sandy's blog this morning, I started looking at others she links to ... and came across this. I've reserved both books from the library - spent enough $ yesterday to have me not buying these until I see them. *sigh* Another instance of why wasn't I born rich instead of beautiful? *lol*

If you like looking at pretty things, check the blog out & follow the links to others' blogs ... then to their etsy shops, if they have them. What wonderfully creative women!

I had good intentions of playing with a "plain" journal last night, but ... didn't. I volunteered to take Mom to the airport so Tom could sleep in a bit & it was far closer to my usual wake up time than his. So, at 5:30, we were at the airport ... *yawn* I knew they'd changed some of the roads around but hadn't even thought they'd change the one we always use to access the airport! Good thing we left a bit early ... Anyway, maybe tonight - if I don't crash when I get home. Shoot - maybe today if I need a diversion from work. [Can you imagine I'd need such a thing???]
Speaking of which ... every once in awhile, I decide I need to bring "me" to my office - and so I brought some of my lavender in yesterday.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

this is going to be good ...

A friend of mine - Sandy, in LA - has inspired me to play with "art journaling". *sigh* Yep, I need another plaything ... ;-) I'm not a talented artist by any stretch, but I do love playing & have collected pens & colored pencils & watercolor pencils for a very long time. I've been thinking journaling might be therapeutic for me as Kel begins her college life away from home & have been looking at blogs & journal theme sites - then, here comes Sandy with her beautiful creations. Now, she's an artist (as well as a beautiful stitcher) ... but she was kind enough to send me an email full of cool links ...

So, while I bought a sketch book & a lined journal book, I began to play with ideas in my head. Then, as I looked through a magazine I picked up today (Artful Blogging - too cool!) I saw a picture of clothes hanging from a clothesline, blowing in the breeze and started remembering the clothesline in my grandmother's yard, the one at my parents' home, the one we had in our previous house & Kelli's comments about missing having one here. Then I received an email about clotheslines - the etiquette people followed (hanging your undies on the middle line, between the lines of sheets & pillowcases). Hmmm .. anyone else get the idea I'm supposed to do something with these memories? Yep ... off I went, playing with watercolor pencils (about time, as long as I've had mine!) ...

This could, indeed, be dangerous .... ;o)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wow! I'm really behind here! We were on vacation last week, in NH & MA. Can I go back NOW?!?!?! We relaxed - didn't "do" much of anything. I stitched, read, ate, put my feet in the river ...

I got 1 Bent Creek row (summer) almost done while we were gone. Would have finished it but I didn't have 2 of the necessary flosses with me ... and finding a nearby place when you're in the White Mountains just doesn't work. So, I started the fall row & have most of it done. I love how quickly their pieces work up!

We did see the fireworks while in NH. N Woodstock & Lincoln combine a lot of their community things & the fireworks was one. We pulled into a shopping center & waited for them to begin. Sure 'nuff - 9pm, they started. We sat in the van & watched as they were just to our left. Finale goes off, Tom starts the van & 5 minutes later, we're home. Can't quite beat that!

Funny story from our trip: I have a favorite seafood restaurant near Tom's brother's house so Tuesday afternoon, I drive over to get some lobster. They're CLOSED on Tuesday! Wednesday afternoon, we drive to Bill & Bob's for some roast beef - they're closed on Wednesday! Thursday morning, we drive to the Notchview for breakfast - they're closed on Thursday!! We were cracking up by then, of course ... but I still didn't get any lobster! :-( Hmmm ... sounds like as good a reason as any to go back NOW! :-)

I took yesterday off to recoup ... I still felt like I was in the van, driving/riding along! Our garden has exploded! In amongst the weeds *sigh* are lots of veggies. I brought in a HUGE bunch of radishes, 6 zucchini, 2 cucumbers. I could have picked more zukes & cukes (lol) but left some to mature another day or two. Tom fixed dinner tonight with one of the zucchini - stuffed it with sausage. YUM!! I cannot wait for the tomatoes to start turning red!