Sunday, September 28, 2008

coffee brain ramblings

to those friends who have responded to my post about splitting my blog: thank you!! i guess i'll just keep truckin' along the way i am ..

i bought a new journal yesterday (pics later) for my trip & other travels. this is the first journal i really felt compelled to create a cover for & i'm quite pleased with my creation. i've already written in it, too ... about the powers of turquoise, a color i'm extremely drawn to right now.

since friday night's presidential "debate" (must be a description of that word somewhere that i'm not aware of ... that certainly was not a debate) i've heard & read all sorts of opinions about the candidates, the state of our country, etc. (ok, who hasn't?) i've come to realize that i'm easily accepting of others' religious beliefs & practices, but i've a voice inside that screams in agony when someone vocalizes a different political belief than my own. i've found myself wanting to speak out in a few forums where my voice could cause problems ... and i'm already fearful of my workplace tomorrow as i have a boss who's very loud & argumentative with his own political thoughts ... it rankles my soul to stay quiet, to bite my tongue to be "safe" or non-controversial, but i don't know yet how else to handle this. it saddens me to consider staying quiet when my own thoughts are as valid as the next person's ... *sigh*

Bite me!

"Bite me!" is definitely one of my most favorite, most used phrases. Imagine my delight when I came across this delightful charm from "Charmed, I'm Sure" on Etsy!! Love it, love it, love it!!

More progress has been made on my "Book of Ornament" - I'm on the last square, then have to finish the backstitching between each block. Whoo hoo!

Two days & a wake up ... and I'm outta here! :-D

Friday, September 26, 2008

almost ....

I'm sorry it's not a better picture ... and that my toes show (lol) ... but here's my PALs round robin - almost done stitching!! Eight wonderful PALs friends stitched 8 squares, now I'm doing the final 4. Then to try to follow the directions to make it into an accordion book. I hope I can do it!!

I've been thinking about something & wonder about your thoughts on the matter. This blog began as my stitching blog, with a bit of 'me' thrown in. Now it's that plus my art journaling & whatever else I throw in. Should I continue as is, or start an art-only blog - thus, separating my life into sections? ;o)

Four days & a wake up ... and I'll be on a plane, jetting my way west ... WAY west! I'm meeting 7 wonderful friends for a week of frivolity, spirituality, friendship. I canNOT wait!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


One of my online groups - Stitchers Time Out - is having a retreat in KS this fall. Since I won't be able to attend, I'm sending Flat Me! :o)

I spent yesterday morning cleaning out the flower beds, except for those hardy enough to last for awhile longer. Some of them just keep on going ...

Monday, September 15, 2008

good ol' Ike

What a bizarre day yesterday was!! We had 30-75 mph winds yesterday (thanks, Ike). Our development never lost power (yea!) though it seems everywhere around us did. Our office has partial power & no internet. About half of us showed up for work this morning (though I waited until I knew we had power), but were sent home at 11 since everything was so hit & miss. Over half of our county is without power, trees are down everywhere, 1 out of 3 traffic signals aren't working ... It's truly a mess! Thankfully, the weather has cooled off so that's another blessing. Many schools are closed, some stores are ... (The 2 pictures from our neighborhood are of the smoke that enveloped us in the afternoon. I still don't know what was on fire, but something was - enclosing us in smoke & the smell of wood burning.)

My mom's car was a casualty of the wind last night. She was at church for a dinner & though they lost power while they were eating, no one thought anything about it ... until someone heard the crash. A huge limb fell on Mom's car. Fortunately, it didn't do a lot of damage - didn't break anything but made lots of dents all over & left her car covered with tree sap & sawdust.

Never boring here!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Don't faint!

I've actually been stitching! I received my RR back from the PALs women a month or more ago and have finally begun stitching the remaining blocks. Right now, for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the piece! It will finish into an accordion book & is all Quaker patterns ... *sigh* Oh, for a memory ...
We had Kel home for the weekend. YEA! Celebrated Mom's birthday as well as X's 2nd birthday with pizza, cake & ice cream. Yum! Kel & I went shopping Saturday ... ouch! ;o)
My niece & her family move back to Florida at the end of this week ... an experience with way too much emotion attached to it right now.

Friday, September 05, 2008

being thankful

one of the online groups i'm in reminds us on thursdays to be thankful ... and i finally remembered to list mine! ;o)

today's my mom's 82nd birthday. we'll party tonight with pizza & birthday cake and also celebrate my great-nephew's 2nd birthday.

it'll be a bit bittersweet ... my niece & her family are moving back to florida. we won't discuss my feelings & opinions about the move ...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

catching up a bit

Not that I've been busy or anything (lol) ... canned the rest of our green beans last night, went to Sunbury's Labor Day flea market & the Native American powwow on Monday ... spent Saturday with stitching friends Lauren, Renee & Milly (& her DH) having breakfast, gabbing & shopping at Cross My Heart. How did a 4 day weekend pass so quickly??

Our assignment last week in Kira's group was to scan magazines, grabbing words, then pictures as they grabbed one's attention. Then, we were to think further about what those pictures meant or symbolized. I sure seem to be stuck in vintage stuff, things that speak peace or serenity to me ... and, as always, nature. Nah, I don't try to escape my work ...

again ... my garden!!

We celebrated Mil's birthday while she was here ... and I forgot to take a picture of the floss tag I made her! Maybe she will ..