Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I can't wait to see the neighborhood kids tonight ... all dressed up & excited! I've not carved the first pumpkin yet - seems weird to do without Kel here to play with me. We'll see if we have time before she leaves for the high school's band contest this evening ... Yep, she'll be home this weekend - yea!!

Hope you all have a wonderfully spooky Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I may rue the day ...

I decided to post this, but I just have to share this well-written article about our presidential race. If you have any interest in the debacle known as the presidential race, go read this ... If you don't, cool. Your choice...

Thank you, Sandy, for your comment! And I didn't take it personally at all!! I firmly believe one of the best things about the US is our ability to individually express our own opinions. If I agree or disagree with you (or the author of that article or the man in the moon), we're free to express ourselves. (I guess I should say as well that if anyone does post "nasty" comments here .. well, I do have that little trash can at the end of each comment I can use *lol*) I don't mind discussions or debates about politics or anything else - I do mind the haranguing I hear daily in my office.
I guess by putting this post on my blog, some may interpret it as my expression of who I'm voting for. No one should make that assumption .. 'cause I'm not telling! ;o)

If you know me ...

as in, have met me face to face or whatever, you'll know I'm ... hmm .. unique. Ok, you'll have figured that out if all you've ever done is read my blog. *chuckle* To show you that I come by it honestly, this picture is my mom (on the right) at her senior citizen group's Halloween luncheon today. She won the best costume prize & Susie won funniest (I think) in her pumpkin costume. Mom's wearing one of my skirts, her own tshirt jazzed up, carrying paper pumpkins & signs made by Tom. Yep, we are indeed a unique family .... ;o)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The winds of change are blowing ... I'm thinking that my blog overhaul may be bigger than I originally thought. May move away from 'stitchingbrat' to ... whatever my poor cold brain can come up with. Stay tuned!

I've just signed up for 2 online classes - more on those tomorrow when I (hopefully) thaw out. But aren't these the cutest tags? We'll see if my brain can work this all out...

Tonight, Sassy (aka Sassy's Fabrics) & I went on a cemetery tour at my village's cemetery. Our village is on what was the Erie Canal ... goes way back in time. We have the grave of what is believed to be the first white woman to have died on the canal - Catherine Richardson. (That's a sarcophagus she's buried under with a new footstone saving the verse her husband had engraved on the limestone, which has greatly faded away) Anyway, a tour was hosted - 8 stations with docents dressed in applicable period clothing, who shared stories about their parts of the cemetery. It was awesome - but VERY cold. I learned new things about the village ... including there's a few mass graves in our cemetery, containing the remains of cholera victims. At the time, the townsfolk didn't know what was killing so many people so quickly, so they buried them in the mass graves to dissuade family members from digging up the remains. How incredibly sad! One of our village's founding families is the Rarey family ... the family of John Rarey, the original 'horse whisperer'. One of his descendants was the docent at John's headstone ... what wonderful stories Ed shared of his family. (Did I say how cold it was out there???)

I've acquired a few new wonderful goodies over the last couple of days. I'll share pictures soon... Sandy, you are SUCH an enabler!!! Love you! :0)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A goal .. and you can help!

I just realized how outdated some of the "stuff" on my blog is. I need to update the list of fav blogs, clean out blinkies, etc. So, while Tom's gone for the next 2 weeks (YIKES!) I'm going to take the time to clean this place up. (Hmmm... think I should do it at home, too? *lol*)

If you have suggestions for blog design places, a fav site to visit, whatever ... send it on! And maybe I'll even figure out a prize or two to hand out. That'd be one way to start getting rid of stash, wouldn't it?


Is it November 5 yet??? I'm SO done with political ads - they're everywhere! Some creative souls have taken their junk mail & done some great creating ... not me. I just toss the crap. I am appalled at the colossal waste - the amount of $ spent on advertising is disgusting. Wretched excess! I'm tired of the mud-slinging, of people not telling us what they will do but instead pointing fingers at others ... I'm tired of the ads that so apparently think we're all clueless & stupid. *sigh*

Yeah, it's been that sort of day. Cold. Gray. Very winter-ish. Brrrrr! Add my work day & it's just been a lovely day <--said with much sarcasm. Why do people have to be so condescending? One boss sends me emails about work, always with a "since I know you don't know what you're doing" tone. Grrrr... I responded to one today with "I do stay educated, you know". Idjit. I do my job & do it damn well ... Guess I need to look at it that I do have a job & he must have some need to feel in authority. It's on him, not me ...

ANYway ... tomorrow's a new day! :-)

One down ...

I got one pair of earrings done last night. Tried a second pair but they just didn't work the way I wanted, so ... I'll play another day. I like how these work with my necklace - both of which I'm wearing today.

Did you see snow yesterday? I didn't, stuck in my office as I was, but many others here in Columbus did. Brrrr!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

One more

Sorry for the picture quality, but this is the other necklace I made yesterday. I'd bought two crystal beads to put with this piece, but once I started laying it out - yuck! *lol*

Today I am going to clear out the flower beds. We've got snow flurries predicted for Tuesday .... nooooooo! It's too soon! My plants are still so pretty (well, most of them) ... but, snow will zap them so I guess I should just go ahead & pull them out. :-(

And for those who wonder about my crafting ADD ... yep, I've got it. Big time. Always have ... There will never be enough time in my life to do all the things I want to do, for sure!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ok ... they're not stitching, but the one piece I stitched last night/this morning, I can't share as it's for an exchange. I'll try to remember to share a picture when the exchange is completed in December.

Ideas for my journals are rumbling through my head, so I'll play with that tonight or tomorrow. For now, it's all about beading ...

The first 2 are a necklace I finished today. The center piece, the 4 large side beads & the amber teardrops are from my time in Arizona - the orange seed beads are from my cross stitch stash. This took more time than I expected as I kept changing how it all went together, finally adding the copper coils last night (made by me) to keep the smaller beads from disappearing into the bigger ones.

The third picture shows the wrapped bracelets - the finished one is Kel's, the one on top is mine. I still need to wrap copper around the frame - something to do tonight as we watch CBJ stomp Anaheim.

The 2 beaded bracelets I made last night, with beads bought in AZ & here. I bought more of the bigger beads than I used, so ... guess I'll have to make more!

The last is of the first necklace I made, made entirely of pieces purchased in AZ. I wore it on Thursday & felt my friends with me all day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's October 23 & I've not posted anything since the 12th. Hmmm... what have I been doing? ;o)

I've discovered the joy of beading ... I resisted for sooooo long, then my friends in AZ led me astray, made me go in bead stores ... and there were so many pretties! Of course I gave into temptation... And now I'm finally making things with what I bought. Good thing .. couldn't live with my conscience nagging me much longer! I restrung a jade necklace last night - now it doesn't choke me! I strung a turquoise & pottery necklace last night, too, and began beading my bracelet. K's is done (hmmm...guess I better take a picture to share) so I just had to make one for me, too.

And I discovered a wonderful beading store here today ... oh, the fun!! Great employees, wonderful stash ... Guess I really better get to selling some of my stitching stash to support my beading stash!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

More pictures

One day, we ventured away from Prescott to Jerome, a one-time mining town turned ghost city turned now to an artists' colony. We had some incredible experiences there - people picking up on our groups' energy & such - and many of us certainly helped stimulate their economy. The 3rd picture is a sign made by one of my sistahs for her local dining establishment. Mitz is so talented!!


A few pictures to tease you ... from my trip to Arizona. The first shows part of the town of Prescott, with Thumb Butte rising in the background. Our house (last picture) was near the base of the Butte. The reflecting sunset picture ... well, it just shows the glorious piece of nature we lived within for a week.
The time spent with my sistahs was all I could have hoped for ... a most awesome group of women!